Navy removes P-3 era memorial in Hawaii


April 27, 2018, Navy Times

The community initially reported the memorial stolen. It turns out the Navy took it down. Continue reading →

Naples mayor tells U.S. submarine to keep out


April 19, 2018, Navy Times

The mayor said Naples is a “city of peace” where nuclear subs aren’t welcome. Continue reading →

U.S. nonprofit helps military families in Ukraine


April 19, 2018, Military Times

TAPS is sharing what it has learned about peer-based emotional support with military survivors in Ukraine. Continue reading →

How the U.S. tricked Russia ahead of Syria strikes


April 17, 2018, Navy Times

Russian defense systems didn’t see that coming. Continue reading →

Woman hits soldier in racially charged incident


April 17, 2018, Army Times

Judy Tucker, 71, was arrested and charged with simple battery. Continue reading →

First black woman nominated for Marine Brig Gen


April 16, 2018, Marine Corps Times

The Defense Department’s release of slated general promotions included a historic first for the Corps. Continue reading →

Soldier called hero for saving young girl’s life


April 14, 2018, Army Times

Pvt. Hilinski pulled the girl out of the vehicle and performed multiple rounds of CPR until she felt a pulse. Continue reading →

Female sailors can apply for submarine service


April 12, 2018, Navy Times

Selected sailors will be part of the initial integration of the Ohio-class submarine Georgia. Continue reading →

Struggling shipyards may impede fleet increase


April 10, 2018, Navy Times

The Navy wants 355 ships, but first it needs stable shipyards. Continue reading →

New underwater drones are smaller, cheaper


April 10, 2018, Defense News

The new AUV technology includes a high-speed, micro-sized vehicle and a seafloor power system. Continue reading →

Solving the mysterious case of Sgt. Paul Meyer


March 29, 2018, Air Force Times

Sgt. Paul Meyer stole a C-130 in 1969 and crashed shortly into his journey from the U.K. to Virginia. The question: why? Continue reading →

Police searching for missing Fort Bragg soldier


March 27, 2018, Army Times

Sgt. Carl Seeman was reported missing after failing to report to his unit on Sunday. Continue reading →

New Vietnam memorial honors 5th Marines


March 27, 2018, Marine Corps Times

The memorial honors the 2,706 Marines and sailors who were killed in Vietnam fighting with the 5th Marine Regiment. Continue reading →

Air Force cadets honored for saving hikers


March 8, 2018, Air Force Times

The cadets put their training into action and rescued the hikers in whiteout conditions. Continue reading →

Aviator may be Navy’s first female CO


March 8, 2018, Navy Times

Capt. Amy Bauernschmidt is looking to make history again. Continue reading →

A-10 vs. F-35: Which wins in a fly-off?


March 1, 2018, Air Force Times

Which jet would you bet on? Continue reading →

Dive team uncovers WWII pilot’s remains


February 27, 2018, Navy Times

The remains were found near the islands of Palau and are being analyzed for identification. Continue reading →

Navy vet protected students in Florida shooting


February 22, 2018, Navy Times

Chris Hixon has been hailed as one of the heroes of the Parkland tragedy. Continue reading →

Travel claim reimbursement? It may be a while


February 22, 2018, Navy Times

The Navy is currently processing a backlog of 7,500 travel claims. Continue reading →

Navy sends warships to Black Sea, signal to Russia


February 20, 2018, Navy Times

The deployment of the ships comes as Russia continues to militarize the Crimean Peninsula. Continue reading →

For Navy, retaining aviators may require more pay


February 15, 2018, Navy Times

The Navy’s personnel boss told Congress that pay increases may be necessary to hold on to seasoned pilots. Continue reading →

Special Forces soldier dies in motorcycle crash


February 14, 2018, Army Times

Sgt. 1st Class Jamie Harold Otts was riding with his wife when the crash occurred. Continue reading →

Guardsman competes in 300-mile dogsled race


February 13, 2018, Army Times

Staff Sgt. Thomas Carl made his K-300 debut, continuing a family tradition of running dogsled teams. Continue reading →

China sends fighter jets to South China Sea


February 8, 2018, Navy Times

China has deployed advanced fighter jets to the South China Sea for the first time. Continue reading →

Trump wants 24 new Super Hornets


February 8, 2018, Navy Times

New Super Hornets would fill the Navy’s inventory shortage until more F-35s arrive. Continue reading →

US forces on guard in Iraq, even as war winds down

Iraqi army training

February 6, 2018, Military Times

A recent video shows U.S. troops working with Iraqi forces along the Syria border. Continue reading →

Military health officials: No deaths from vaping


February 1, 2018, Navy Times

The assurance comes after the Army mistakenly reported two vaping-induced Marine deaths earlier this week. Continue reading →

Army warns of dangers of ‘CBD’ vape oils


January 30, 2018, Navy Times

The Army says 60 patients were treated for symptoms linked to vape oils. Continue reading →

Navy to finalize Greyhound-to-Osprey transition


January 26, 2018, Navy Times

The plan is to replace the aging C-2A Greyhounds with new V-22 Ospreys over the next decade. Continue reading →

Navy nurse awarded for saving man’s life on ferry


January 25, 2018, Navy Times

Lt. Cmdr. Erika Schilling, of Naval Hospital Bremerton, performed 14 minutes of CPR to save the man’s life. Continue reading →

Still kicking: Blue Ridge set to resume service


January 23, 2018, Navy Times

The 7th Fleet command flagship has left dry dock after extensive maintenance and several upgrades. Continue reading →

Destroyer tracking Russian spy ship off US coast


January 23, 2018, Navy Times

The Viktor Leonov was spotted 100 miles southeast of Wilmington and is now being tracked by the destroyer Cole. Continue reading →

Marine charged in ‘military training’ child abuse


January 18, 2018, Marine Corps Times

Police say the Marine reservist was “trying to get the child to do push-ups and calisthenics.” Continue reading →

Celebrating literacy at the National Book Festival


September 7, 2017, GW-TV

The premier literary event drew thousands of readers and over a hundred authors. Continue reading →

Displacement risks run high throughout D.C.


December 12, 2016

Redevelopment in Southeast and Southwest D.C. threatens residents. Continue reading →

Council passes bill to help student debtors


November 21, 2016

The bill increases regulation of student loan servicers, the subject of increasing complaints. Continue reading →

Council aims to prevent displacement in Ward 8


October 31, 2016

A new bill tries to protect residents likely to be affected by the redevelopment of St. Elizabeth’s hospital. Continue reading →

D.C. citizens worried about new state constitution


October 10, 2016

Public hearings reveal many statehood advocates want draft state constitution changed. Continue reading →

D.C. statehood push progresses amid controversy


September 26, 2016

Citizens raise concerns over the lack of public participation in the renewed push for statehood. Continue reading →

Finding things to do in summer


July 20, 2015, The Petaluma Argus-Courier

A feature on the summer scene for teens in Petaluma. Continue reading →

Tweeting, liking and texting


May 2, 2015, The Petaluma Argus-Courier

A look at the role of social media in the lives of high school students. Continue reading →

Gymnast Kara Jones showing her dedication


February 4, 2015, The Petaluma Argus-Courier

A profile of a top local gymnast. Continue reading →

AP standards should be maintained


January 2014, The Press Democrat

An opinion article in support of entrance exams for AP classes. Continue reading →

Swinging to stardom


October 2012, The Petaluma Post

An article on the Petaluma National Little League’s journey to the Little League World Series. Continue reading →